We do not arrange safaris ourselves but work closely with our cousin John Bennett.  John, formerly a professional hunter and a long time safari guide, has a company called Safari Images.  They do a good job (either lodges or camping) and their prices are competitive.  We suggest you contact him at  Safari Images operates mainly in northern Tanzania.

We also recommend the long established Arusha based company Serengeti Select Safaris.  Contact Patricia at  This company, owned and operated by the second generation of anAmerican family settled in Tanzania, has connections to Tarangire Safari Lodge, a tented camp overlooking the Tarangire River and Emayani Beach Lodge near Pangani on the coast.

For those who would like to incorporate elements of walking, biking and structured but unstaged cultural exposure in a wildlife safari experience, the American, Tanzanian born, Peterson brothers operate Dorobo Safaris.  The Lonely Planet guide “Trekking in East Africa” says of this company:
“One of the most knowledgeable and respected operators around for customized treks. All work is done in partnership with local communities, with the emphasis on exploring remote areas in a way that sustainably benefits these communities and the environment.”  Based on long term relationships with indigenous communities surrounding Tanzania’s well known Parks, Dorobo offers unique and complementary additions to traditional wildlife safaris. Contact Mike, Thad or David Peterson at

For an extraordinary adventure you should consider a balloon safari in the Serengeti with Serengeti Balloon Safaris.  You can arrange this through your safari operator.

The Lonely Planet and other guidebooks have lots of leads on other companies.

If you would like advice about fitting trips in with your stay us, please contact us.