The Hotel

Can I get a taxi to Marangu?

We can arrange for you to be collected from Kilimanjaro airport, Arusha or Moshi. We charge competitive rates for transfers, usually less than a private taxi. We can also arrange group collections.

Is the water safe to drink?

The water in the hotel comes from our own spring. It is delicious and pure. On Kilimanjaro, the naturally occurring water on the Marangu route is safe to drink untreated – it is piped into the huts from protected sources nearby. On camping routes, all water is filtered using Katdyn filters. However, many people still feel happier if water is treated whilst on a climb, and if you feel that way please bring drops or tablets with which to sterilise water. Higher up the mountain, the water which has melted from nearby glaciers can taste unpleasant because of the high mineral content.

Is it safe to walk around the hotel?

Yes, Marangu is a safe neighbourhood, although walking around at night is not recommended because there is no street lighting. We normally suggest that visitors hire a local guide for day walks because they will see so much more of interest than if they walk alone.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.